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Sip – Savour – Salsa

This tour will visit the following…

Burnley Brewing
Amora Riverwalk Hotel
Bouzy Rouge
Niche on Bridge

$69.99 per head

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Starting at the river end of Bridge Road, you’ll cruise some brews at the new Burnley Brewing and learn what the fuss about urban and craft brewing is all about.  After some cool and cleansing ales (and lagers!) you’ll shimmy across the road and head to Amora where your entrée awaits.  Chef will whip up a culinary storm before you enjoy the rich spoils and a glass of matched wine and plan to try the dish at home.  Head west and land at the Bouzy Rouge for some generous and quirky European hospitality.  Channel your inner Spaniard as you share dishes prepared with Iberian passion and flair.  And is that salsa or salsa?  The mystery will be revealed before you saunter to Niche on Bridge and your final destination.  Enjoy a delicious dessert and an opulent cocktail before we bid you farewell until next year.  Sip, Savour and Salsa?  Yes, please.

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